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A local partner for campus sustainability.

We are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing waste in the academic community. That's why we partner with universities to offer a responsible and eco-friendly solution for the disposal of textbooks and materials at the end of each semester.

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I’m so happy we were able to help, I know we didn’t get a big (if any) turn out last semester, so I was ecstatic to see the Lynx Crossing bin almost full!

It makes me so happy that these books are able to get back out in the world rather than head to the trash.
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Employee of the University of Colorado Denver
Residence Life Coordinator

Solutions for dorm clean outs, buy-back rejects, and bookstore overstock.

Tailored Service

We work with campus staff and administrators to ensure streamlined service.


No more guesswork. Timeliness and communication are our top priority.


We work with schools small and large. With thousands of books collected from schools each year, you can depend on our team.

Environmentally Conscious

Good business means being good to our planet. We work hard to make sure your material is either recirculated or recycled.

Local Flair

Located in Denver, we specialize in partnerships with schools in the Front Range.

Campus Approved

Our simplified process allows students and staff to quickly clear out their books and into summer break.