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Get paid for your books with BookCash

BookCashTM is a program for your bookstore, library, or thrift store to get the most value out of your books. Simply scan your books and ship the accepted titles to us. This program covers shipping and provides upfront payment for the books sent.

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The BookCash Advantage

Get Cash Offers
With BookCash, get cash offers for the books you send in. Organizations receive on average $36,000 per year in additional revenue by working with us!
Easy to Use
The BookCash program is easy to use, with a simple web portal for scanning and shipping books. This makes it easy for you to get started and begin capturing more value from your books.
Support Your Organization
By participating in BookCash, your organization is able to support your mission and programs by generating revenue from book donations that may have previously been discarded or sold for very little.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in BookCash?
There is no cost to participate in the BookCash program! Furthermore, we provide shipping options at no cost to you.
What do I need to get started with BookCash?
You will need:
-A BookCash account and login credentials
-An internet enabled device such as a laptop or computer
-Sturdy boxes (we recommend small size moving boxes)
-A barcode scanner to speed up (optional but recommended)
When and how much does BookCash pay?
Our payouts average $1,500 shipment (each shipment contains between 800-1,200 books) and we pay out on a monthly basis via direct deposit.
Does BookCash accept ex-library books?
Yes, we accept books with library stamps and markings! We provide condition guidelines for new partners during onboarding.
Does joining BookCash require any term commitments?
BookCash does not have any term commitments. When you join BookCash, there are no requirements to commit to a specific period of time or agreement. You are free to participate in the program without any fixed duration or obligations.