Book Recycling Services In Denver Metro

We recirculate and recycle over 3 million books each year.

With multiple drop-off locations, free pick-up service, and services for larger collections, doing your part in keeping books out of landfills couldn't be easier. We schedule pick-ups for both old books and new. We can help remove thousands of books.

Schedule Pick-up

We offer complementary pick-up service for books and media collections of 10 boxes or more. Please fill out the form below.

Our lead time for pick-up is currently two weeks.


We have convenient locations for you to drop-off your books and media.

Large Collections

For collections larger than a pick-up truck's worth of books, please send us an email with your name, phone number, address, approximate number of books, and any other notes. We can help remove thousands of books.

We accept:

✓ Used and new books
✓ DVDs
✓ CDs
✓ Video games

We do not accept:

✗ Moldy or biohazardous items
✗ Magazines
✗ Newspapers
✗ Cassette/VHS tapes

Thank you! We will follow up your pick-up request.
**Please be sure individual boxes do not exceed 50 lbs**
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